The NPDI is dedicated to making productive use of one of the world’s greatest collections of Natural Products. The NPDI provides microbial and plant extracts,  fermentation optimization, purification chemistry to support bioassay driven fractionation, and structure elucidation. It houses a collection of >30,000 fungi and actinomycete microorganisms, and genomic DNA.  This previously private collection of natural products is provided to qualified researchers in academia and industry. Research activity has lead to the discovery of novel molecules with biological activity and to the formation of new life sciences companies that will seek to commercialize discoveries centered on natural products. Businesses include those developing pharmaceutical, nutritional, flavor enhancing, cosmetic ingredient, agricultural, and animal health products.
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plant-iconA set of HPLC pre-fractionated plant samples have been generated. The initial set is derived from 100 “virgin” plant specimens, never screened at their prior Large Pharma home.  Methanolic plant extracts were detannated (pvp), washed with hexanes, and purified by C8 HPLC to generate 24 fractions (100 x 24 = 2400 fractions = 25 plates).  The samples are at 10 mg equiv/ml and are enriched materials allowing for a general classification, easy dereplication, analysis and evaluation of active materials.   Clients who purchase this initial set can preselect specimens going forward.  For the distribution of the number of samples per represented family please hit link below...    
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We have isolated genomic DNA samples from our actinomycete culture collection.  Current technology makes it possible to map out the synthetic potential of actinomycete organisms.
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We have current stocks of these natural products for research purposes.  They were generated from our microbial collection and can be produced in larger quantities as needed. Please contact Bill Kinney for pricing.
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