NPDI Collection Available to the Scientific Community

The Merck and Schering collections have never been available to researchers outside of those companies and their affiliates. Now, through the NPDI, this library will be available to the scientific community for testing new targets and other uses never before pursued. The NPDI can offer access by providing:

  • Research collaborations
  • Screen-ready sets of the extracts and genomic DNA for scientists from other institutions (commercial, government, and non-profit). The extracts can be sent directly to the user institution.
  • Follow-up chemistry and microbiology assistance after scientists at the user institutions have found initial “hits”
  • Laboratory space to visiting scientists for screening at NPDI labs
  • Facilities to launch new start-up companies, spun-off from new discoveries, through the PA Biotechnology Center
  • On-site academic programs for scientists at all levels in their career to come and learn about natural products